About Us/Our History

In 1915, Paul A. Berger learned the meaning of hard work at a very young age. He started working in the Lincoln Colliery Mines at age 12.

Catherine Smith had grown up in St. Clair, PA. Her mother died when Catherine was only 12 years old, leaving her to raise her two younger brothers. She worked at the Woolworth 5 & 10 Cent Store in St. Clair.

In 1935, Paul and Catherine were married and lived in Pine Grove, PA on East Pottsville Street. They later moved to Philadelphia for work at the Atlantic Refinery. This was only temporary and soon they found their way back to Pine Grove. They moved out to the country to a farm without electricity and running water in Roedersville. Paul raised poultry and grew crops. Paul and Catherine had two sons, Paul W., born in 1937 and Richard G., born in 1945.

Paul A. ran a market route to St. Clair, Port Carbon, Arndt's Addition and Schuylkill Haven where he sold poultry, farm fresh eggs and seasonal produce out of the back of his pick-up truck. Paul ran his market route for 45 years.

In 1948, Catherine set up a produce stand out in front of their house where she, too, sold fresh produce and eggs. The two sons worked hard on the farm, working in the fields at the young age of 9.

In 1950, the Berger's decided to close in their front porch and make it a small grocery store that sold everything from dry grocery, eggs, bread, milk and fresh meat to soda pop and penny candy.

Paul W. married in 1961 and Richard G. married in 1965. Paul and Richard were still helping their father farm along with having full-time jobs of their own.

In 1969, Catherine passed away at the young age of 57. The two sons and their father, continuing the dream of their mother and wife, decided to open a small store in the field below the homestead. This store opened in 1970 and remained open until 1979. The small store in the home closed in 1970 with the opening of the new market.

In 1973, the Berger's looked to build a bigger store closer to Pine Grove, and opened for business at its present location. In 1974, Paul A. passed away, leaving the family business to his two sons. Since then, the store has gone through numerous expansions.

Berger's Market is a family supermarket. Paul, Richard and their wives are still an active part in the business along with a daughter and their son-in-laws. Our employee count, which started at four before the opening of the Pine Grove store, has grown to an average of seventy. Our employees are as much a part of the market's success as our family.

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